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Packing for a Photography Tour

You are going on a Photography tour?

Not sure what are the things that you might need?

Be it a trip to to Ladakh, Spiti or any other Himalayan Photography Tour, here a quick list of things that could help you get thru the trip comfortably.

Ideally you should have not more than 3 things to carry.

  1. The Clothing & Essentials Bag

  2. The Camera Bag

  3. The Tripod

Bag 1 - Clothing & Essentials

Let us start with the Clothing & Essentials Bag, here is my list for trip for about 15 days. (Sometimes I manage an additional 7 to 10 day in case I get an opportunity to wash a set of clothes.)

  1. Jacket - Rain Wind & Warm (Scroll down to see image & link)

  2. T-shirt 3+1

  3. Trek pant 2 + 1 Track pant+ 1 Jeans

  4. Innerwear 3 sets

  5. Balaclava (Scroll down to see image & link)

  6. Medicines ( A list of generally used medicines is mentioned below )

  7. Sandal / Floater - to carry

  8. Shoes - wear and go

  9. Socks 3 pairs

  10. Decathlon Foldable Empty bag (Scroll down to see image & link)

  11. Basic Essentials ( Tooth brush & paste, comb, shampoo sachets, soap bar, Sunscreen etc)

  12. If you will be travelling by Train, then a chain and lock are quite important.

Additionally for Winter / Cold Climate trips I carry

  1. Down Jacket for winter - 1

  2. Set of Thermals

  3. Socks - Change from regular to Wool / Thick Sport socks

Now that you have your thing ready, pack these in 1 bag.

Click Here to see How to Save Space when you pack.

Bag 2 - Camera + Tripod

Let me now share the gear that I normally carry or you could say the essential gear list. I admit that there are times I carry a few more things not in this list, but then that is a personal choice you will need to make.

  1. Camera 1 ( 1 Camera Body)

  2. Kit Lens (18-55 &/or 24-105 as I am on Canon)

  3. Wide angle ( You may have 10-22 / 10-18 for Crop or 14mm / 16-35)

  4. Tele Lens (55-250 / 70-300 for crop & / 70-200)

  5. Prime lens ( 50 & / 85 mm )

  6. Memory Cards ( 32+32+16+16) GB

  7. Shutter release Cable - Long Exposure

  8. Intervelometer - With battery - For Time Lapse

  9. Head Lamp with Extra Battery AAA (6 )

  10. Extra Battery - Camera

  11. Camera Charger - 2 Unit

  12. ND Filters + Holder

  13. Tripod

  14. FeviQuick 5Rs 2 packs

  15. Camera Bag & Waterproof Cover

  16. Lens Cleaning Cloth & Solution

  17. Large Size Plastic Carry Bag ( More / Big Bazaar / Spenser 5 Rs bag i.e largest size bag)

Additionally for Winter / Cold Climate trips I carry

  1. Extra piece of soft cotton cloth to wrap the camera to protect from dew in early mornings

  2. Additional battery, in cold weather they get discharged faster.

Scroll down to see the images of some of the gear.


  1. If you are owning a single body you are still good to go for the trip, double body is not a a prerequisite.

  2. Do not forget your telelens, even though this is a Landscape Location, this is very handy lens for getting closer to some landscape which are out of reach by road / walk. It also helps to get close to place which look better from a distant vantage point.

  3. If you have a shutter release cable, you can still do a fairly good time-lapse by manually f