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The Road to Zanskar

Road to Zanskar, a Road that Makes You find Yourself. With no People passing by, with only Blue Skies & White Clouds, With Snow Capped Mountains around You...

This road is the official road to Padum the headquarters of Zanskar Valley in Jammu & Kashmir in India. The entire route is about 230 Kms from Kargil. One can barley drive at speeds not exceeding 10-15kms / hour because of the road conditions.

If you look up for this place on the map, you will notice that this is more Inwards toward India and does not face the border, making it not important for the Military. This is turn results in not having metal roads, while this may have some slowing-down-the-development of the area effect, it has also preserved the purity of the place itself.

This route has to be on the dream list of any biker for the off roading type experience this lets you have.

For almost the complete stretch if you happen to come across any people expect while passing thru the village area, you should call yourself lucky.

For a minute imagine this, a journey for about 5 to 6 hours before the first village and not a soul to meet except yourself.

You will get abundant views of mountains, some of them snow capped but almost off these mountains are barren. You will cross the Parachik Glacier, the wind around that place is chilly. You will get to see the Bluest possible sky and whitest possible bundle of clouds floating at varying speeds. You will find a river following you all along, the one which also famously referred to in the "Chadder trek" and along the river bed you will find lots and lots of Lavender bushes.

On The Way to Padum
Padum Village Sunrise Time

Oh and before I forget, there may be a few places, where you may have to get off your bike, unload it and cross the water streams that flow over the roads because of the melting snow caps during the day.

Getting the Camera Bag Moved Safly across the Stream in Zanskar