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Hey! Look Up For the View-Vertorama Photography

Perfect to cover a grand location

Vertorama Photo India Pondy church

A little more than a year back I traveled to Pondicherry along with some of my friends on a break. My friends knew that I always carry a camera and this sometimes is to their disadvantage as I end up spending more time at some places trying to get that specific look or wait for the specific lighting conditions I would like to capture.

“So on this trip I was asked not to bring my camera as it was supposed to be a "chilax" trip. I obliged.”

Having done that it gave me time to go and do some touristy things like sight seeing and location hopping. I had visited some churches and was fascinated to see the intricate work done, I was already regretting not bringing in my camera.

“It did not take long for me to realize though that shooting the interiors of these places the regular way would not be doing justice with them.”

Preparing for the shoot

Doing commercial Interiors and Architecture photography was the only time I was indoors. If you have seen my work it's been the outdoors and nature that I have been shooting mostly for OneLifeFewClicks and weddings for iClickWeddings

I stared exploring ways to capture more and more in a single image and did even use my ultra wide lenses, which is supposed to be one of the widest lens available. I started shooting some interiors here in Hyderabad, but the photos were not giving me the desired view I was hoping to achieve.

Thus, went back to doing some research and see if I could use the help of some post-production techniques. As the saying goes " the Teacher arrives when the student is ready", you could say something to this effect had happened. Armed with this new knowledge, I set out again here in Hyderabad to execute what I had in my vision, with some success and some failures and then a series of multiple attempts and skill optimization happened.

This entire learning process and the desired level of control took a couple of months time.

“For those who are inclined to know, the technique used here is referred to as "Vertorama" or you may say a Vertically Aligned Panorama. "Vertorama" as a category is quite unexplored due to the difficulty levels of the genre.”

Starting the shoot

Meanwhile my trusted aide was shortlisting and scouting locations as per my requirement and she came up with a list of some beautiful places where we could go get what we wanted.

We have traveled to a few locations in India and am happy to share with you the collection of images we have been able to get using this technique.

PS:I would like to thank all the office staff members who help me with the permissions required to shoot these places.

the vertoramas

Vertorama Photo India Pondy church
The Goa Church
Vertorama Photo India Goa church

Vertorama Photo India Pondy church

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