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Kaup - Light House & Beach

A beautiful tourist location, easy & economical to visit

Kaup or Kapu Lighthouse at Udipi India
Kaup Lighthouse

Kapu, is a small location about 20 Kms from Malpe and 15 Kms from Udupi town in the Karnataka state of India.

The first thing that will catch your eyes is the rocks and boulders on the beach and then the Lighthouse.

“Apart from the beach, the Lighthouse is a point of interest for photographers. With beach along with it you can find different view in different hours of time. The sea-shells over the rocks gives it an artistic look.”

It is easily accessible from the town of Udupi and one can get buses going to or thru that place every 15/20 minutes. One need to first go to the town of Kapu and the bus fare would be either 15 to 20 rupees on the type of bus. Right where you get off from the bus is the auto stand, which ply to and fro from this place for a charge of Rs 40, which seem to be the Union decided price so chances of cheating is less.

At Kaup beach you have basic facilities like food stalls, refreshments and very importantly a clean wash room. I get to understand that there is a decent amount of local population which comes in during weekends and holidays and hence the infrastructure has been put in place.

While there are rocks & boulders on the beach, a major portion of the beach is nice and sandy and hence OK for a dip or swim, there are guards around the rocks though who keep wading off people from climbing them.

The Lighthouse is open for visitors only during the evening hours i.e. opens at 5 and closed in about 90 minutes. An entry fee of Rs.10 per person is applicable and Camera Charges are Rs.20 per camera.

The stairs keep getting steeper and steeper as you ascend. At the last spiral there is a room where there are wooden steps, it's more like a ladder to be precise where you will have to snug yourself thru and arrive at the balcony of the Light house. You are allowed for just a few minutes before the ticket checker starts asking people to vacate space for more who are waiting.

Kaup Lighthouse Staircase
The staircase inside the lighthouse

Remember its best to get up as one of the first batch of people as this will give you a few minutes extra to enjoy the view from the top and may be take a few photos for keeps.

The return journey is just the same, this time you will have to pay Rs.30 only as the auto will drop you on the highway and not take you inside the Kapu town. You will get buses at decent frequency and it takes about 30/40 minutes to reach back to Udupi.

Kaup Lighthouse rocks
Rocks near Kaup Lighthouse
Kaup Beach
The Kaup or Kapu beach

Note- The prices mentioned here are as per 2017, there might be some changes to that.

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